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Welcome to the world of Bubble+, One of the most addictive games.


Bubble+ Version PRO

Is a game of speed with a very simplistic gameplay, where you have to burst the bubbles of a different shape and different color in a time allotted. Be careful ! more levels go, the more it multiplies the bubbles.

200 Levels And Challenge Score online

Unlike most games "bubble shot". Bubble+ are distinguished by the originality and the many levels , you must destroy the bubbles that you will see as soon as possible in time outsources , you can use different Bonuses to help you in this battle.



There are 6 Mode , including a Challenge Mode

Each mode consists of 50 levels , you must complete several mode (Easy , Normal, Medium, Hard) in which four difficulty mode to offer you , where you will earn a cut of each difficulty ends. Several hours of games offered to you !!!

Save your Best score Online.

Challenge Mode challenge you but , to the 200 levels at once with 4 different difficulty mode.


The PRO mode only on the Bubble+ PRO version

The PRO mode allows you to customize your own level , up to 100 levels of addition, this allows you to make new challenge. You can set the parameter sets to reduce or increase the bubbles , which by example: levels with one or more life where less or more time.

Your turn , only your reflex will be helpful !!!

The Bubble+ Graphics are impressive, but do not rely has the appearance of games. You will love are originality and handling are very good and on any device. 


Presentation Video Here

See you on Bubble+ By Stellan Bacq